Call for GNOBAC Board Members!

GNOBAC needs you!

The Greater New Orleans Breastfeeding Awareness Coalition is in need of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about breastfeeding to fill board vacancies. GNOBAC’s mission is to increase awareness of the benefits of and support for breastfeeding in the lives of mothers, children, and families in Louisiana, and to partner with other organizations in creating a community that values the support and promotion of breastfeeding as the standard for optimal infant health and development.

Numerous board positions are now open, and our hope is to jump right in! Outgoing board and advisors are available to answer questions, and board orientation packets will be provided upon starting. Officer positions, along with an explanation of duties, are below. All positions are volunteer positions. Please email with your resume, along with a short letter of interest, if you would like to join the GNOBAC board.

Positions of the Board:

  1. Non-Officer Board Members are welcome to apply.
  2. President: The President shall enforce all provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; serve as committee chair of the Coalition Development/Executive committee; along with the other executive officers, appoint committees or committee chairpersons as appropriate; sign all contracts; appoint a replacement to fill any unexpired term of a board member or officer. Additional activities are described in the job description.
  3. Vice President: The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or disability. Additional activities are described in the job description.
  4. Treasurer: The treasurer shall collect all income; pay all budgeted expenses as approved by the executive committee; keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended; render a statement to the Board of Directors as each Board of Directors meeting; submit an annual report to the membership. Additional activities are described in the job description.
  5. Secretary: The secretary shall compile and distribute all correspondence to the members; keep record of all organizational proceedings; keep record of attendance; keep record of committee chairs; Additional activities are described in the job description.
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