2015 Breastfeeding Campaign

2015 Breastfeeding Campaign
“Breastfeeding NOLA: Healthier Families. A Stronger Community”

Happy World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month! We are so excited to share with you our 2015 Breastfeeding Campaign! Breastfeeding NOLA: Healthier Families. A Stronger Community. The campaign will run August 1 – October 31, 2015 along the transit line and for one year on vinyl billboards around the city. These images will be posted at bus shelters, inside and outsides of buses in the Greater New Orleans area. Thank you Aetna and The City of New Orleans Health Department for your commitment to normalize breastfeeding and for sponsoring this year’s campaign!

A special thank you to our beautiful volunteer breastfeeding mothers,  AmyCherie Photography, KVR Photography, and Natalie Vargas for donating your time and talent to photograph and design the ads!

6_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68 5_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68 4_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68 3_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68 2_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68 1_GNOBAC_2015_BusShelter_47x68

GNOBAC_2015_Streetcar_Interior_42x11 2_GNOBAC_2015_KingBus_144x30 1_GNOBAC_2015_KingBus_144x30



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