It is with a saddened heart that the remaining board members must make this announcement.

We feel we have reached an impassable hurdle as numbers dwindle and board members are unable to secure the workforce to maintain the integrity of the organization as a whole. With that being said, the board feels it is best at this time to dissolve the organization.
If any dues were paid in 2019 they will be refunded via paypal within the next month and any remaining funds and assets remaining with the organization will be redistributed among various nonprofit organizations in the area whom we feel support the continued mission of GNOBAC. If you would like to nominate any such organization please email prior to April 30th as donations will occur following that date with a goal to conclude all business transactions prior to the start of our fiscal year July 1. Thank you for all your hard work and the support that has gone into making so many of GNOBAC’s projects successful over the years.